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Hotel Chateau Berchtold, Children’s Paradise and Sports Centre create together with the surrounding area a unique place for spending free time. The chateau and the hotel will be publically opened after a total reconstruction on 4.6.2011. The Sports Centre and the Children’s Paradise have been opened since 2007. The picturesque country, fresh air, pleasant surroundings of our area entice thousands of visitors, particularly families with children, companies, schools, sportsmen and elderly people all the year round.

In close proximity of the chateau there is a chateau park which is styled as Children’s Paradise. You can find a fairyland full of pixies, ghosts and fairies, created by a famous Czech “ghostologist”  Vitězslava  Klimtová, a hell full of devils situated  under the ground, a gingerbread house with a witch, the tomcat Mikeš, mini zoo, a children` s playground and a chapel with a museum. The chateau park includes a permanent exhibition of 32 miniatures of Czech castles, palaces and other historically interesting objects from the whole Czech Republic.

A part of the area is also the Sports Centre “At the Chateau”, which offers a variety of sports activities as tennis, golf, football and at the same time a conference hall and a restaurant including a possibility of accommodation. St. Wenceslas wine cellar and an outdoor grill are also situated near the sports centre.

Nearby there are Sports grounds of Football Club Kunice including two grassy playgrounds and one artificial surface playground where also the Czech national football team has trainings.

The Chateau is constantly spreading its services and organizes sports and company events, weddings, children` s programmes, theatre performances for children, Olympic games and regular veteran cars exhibitions.

The Chateau also offers all the year round programmes for nursery and basic schools. The grounds are open to the public all the year round from 8 to 21 hours. The programmes take place regardless of the weather also under the roof.

The following icons offer information to individual groups of customers about the events which have taken place on our grounds and satisfied our clients and guests. Come to extraordinary world of the Chateau Berchtold and take your children with! Choose an event for you in our Events Calendar.

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