For schools and nursery schools

Trips with interesting programs, excursions of the Children` s Paradise, different activities, accommodation and lunches with menu for children is offered by the Hotel and Park Berchtold. We can prepare all the year round a complete trip according to your individual wishes and time-limit from the main offer of the programs, then according to the calendar of the fixed events or combine the main offer and the events from the calendar. The Hotel Park with an order “to run over the grass” has a safe stone wall and is well accessible from the whole Czech Republic. Order the trips for the whole year – even if the weather is unfavorable there is an opportunity to use the indoor playroom, mini cinema, heated hall and halls of the Chateau. Our rule is: when the weather is good, you are like in paradise. When the weather is bad, it is always warm and great fun in our rooms. There is a number of permanent exhibitions and scientific programs (fairy tales, elves, trees, agricultural machines, skills, stamps, animals, sports, puppets, etc.) The Chateau is repeatedly visited by satisfied schools and nursery schools from the whole Czech Republic and we welcome tens of thousands of visitors every year.

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