Cycling Paths and Hiking Tours

Hotel Chateau Berchtold is an ideal place for trips both to the virgin nature of Lada’s region or nature reservation Velkopopovicko and for tours of the capital city Prague and Central Bohemia. There are catalogues advising different types of trips at disposal at the reception.

We’ve prepared special touristic routes starting and finishing at the Chateau Berchtold. There are maps with marked routes at disposal.

Cycling paths

Three marked cycling paths of Lada’s region N025, N029 and marked with flower path of J. Lada’s region leading through the Chateau Berchtold are the part of Greenways Prague – Wien. Besides that we’ve prepared 8 marked cycling routes starting and finishing at the Chateau Berchtold with the length from 2,5 km to 76,3 km. The routes can be combined or you can use other marked routes of Lada’s region.

Bicycles can be not only safely kept at the chateau but also rented.

  1. The route for the smallest (2, 5 km, yellow): Berchtold – Vidovice round the settlement “At the oak tree” and back to Berchtold.
  2. The route for children (4km, blue): Berchtold – Vidovice – Chlum the lookout tower and back to Berchtold.
  3. Around 3 bell towers and 3 ponds (7km): Berchtold – pond Žlabky – Kunice cemetery / Božkov Mnichovice – Všešimy – Berchtold.
  4. Brewery springs (8km): Berchtold – natural park Velkopopovicko Habří – Velké Popovice – Berchtold
  5. Through 5 pubs (14km): Berchtold – the Chateau Lojovice – Brtnice – Velké Popovice – Berchtold
  6. Mikeš’s route (15 km): Berchtold – Hrusice museum and memorial of Josef Lada and back along the route 025
  7. To the river for the demanding cyclists (24km): Berchtold – Mirošovice – Senohraby – Castle Zlenice – Sázava – Čtyrkoly – Pyšely – Zaječice – Lomnice – Berchtold

The route “Across Josef Lada’s Region” joining Greenways Prague – Wien (cycling route marked with a flower, the length – 76, 3 km, exceeding- 222 m) can be divided into more parts, e.g. half of the railway between station Strančice and station Senohraby. There is an official map of the route described in the Czech, English, German languages both for demanding and well-trained tourists.

Hiking tours and cycling trips

The distance is given one-way.

  • White Rock – look out place – 1, 5 km along the route 029, after going 1 km turn right into a field path.
  • Brewery with an excursion of Velké Popovice – along the route 029 3 km.
  • Chapel and St. Anna’s Spring Strančice – along the route 029 5 km.
  • Museum of Toys Svojšovice Mr. Merhouta – along the route 029 5 km.
  • The Chateau Štiřín golf and teeing- ground, 7km.
  • Pyšely the Chateau and museum – 8 km.
  • Village memorial zone Lensedly, along the route 023, 13 km.
  • Observatory Ondřejov – the route 025 and then further along 023, 13 km.

On your return to the hotel the Chateau Berchtold we recommend you to visit our wellness with hydro massage, top up your energy in the Chateau restaurant “the Magic Garden” and liquids in our Sports bar or wine cellar.

Wishing you pleasant experience, sightseeing and many kilometers without accidents

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