The Children’s Paradise

The Children` s Paradise which is open all the year round offers to the hotel guests, companies, families with children and the general public a single opportunity to spend their free time pleasantly and actively at the same time. There are 75 suitably placed fairytale characters, miniatures, the whole hell and a gingerbread house in the Children` s Paradise.

In the fairyland of Vitězslava Klimtová you can get acquainted with domestic ghosts, forest fairies and the most favourite pixie Drnovníček.  The permanent exhibition of Czech castles and palaces is enlarged every year. Look Czech monuments through in one place, you can see for example the Castle Lány or Červená Lhota or fortress Karlštejn, Kost, Kokořín or Orlík, ruins of fortress Trosky and a lot of more.  You can see a lot of historical objects such as the church in Hrusice known from Lada` s pictures, Lipanská Mould and a memorial to     Horymír` s horse Šemík from Neumětly.

Our purpose is to contribute to upbringing of self-assured, sensitive and proud of the Czech lands young people, who won` t be lost in Europe or anywhere in the world. The children will know their roots, history and will create a nice relation to people, nature and sport. We would like to create surroundings where the whole company or family will spend free time full of mutual experience, peace, interesting things, games, sports, knowledge and lessons.

In the year 2010 we were visited by about 20000 visitors and the most popular attraction was the hell under the ground rebuilt of a military bunker.

We have what to offer to history lovers. You can visit a museum of the history of “Valiant Czech people” (suitable for children) and if you are interested in the history of Kunice – Vidovice and the neighbourhood you can visit the Chateau museum.

The news of this season is a permanently enlarging exhibition of agricultural machines including a functioning corn harvester from the 1st Republic period.

The favourite place of our small visitors is a playground equipped with a cableway, a slide, a castle, swings, and a statue of a princess, a knight and a dragon for taking photos with. Then there are benches for moments of relaxation and rest. Moreover, you can try a number of sports from tennis, golf, table tennis, football up to a new sport “golf football”.

We ask our visitors to”save our paths and run on the grass”, at your request we are glad to lend you a picnic blanket. Visitors lead by a guide will reveal everything what the park hides and will take home a lot of experience and will be glad to come again and again.

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