The mansion in Vidovice was firstly mentioned in the year 1388, when it was owned by an aristocratic (Zeman) family with a nickname “from Vidovice”.  The first of them was Vavřinec from Vidovice, then his sons Beneš, Jakub and Jan. Their contemporary was Bohuněk from Vidovice in the years 1412 – 1416. During Vavřinec time other parts of the village were owned by vicar from Libeř called Zdislav.The mansion was ruined in the 2nd part of the 15th century, maybe as a result of the Hussitte Revolution. Therefore the village was divided.  In the 17th century the village Vidovice and the farmyard belonged to the farm Velké Popovice. And then from the year 1808 it belonged to the village of Chlum. The independent farm Vidovice was registered in 1877. When the daughter of Brzorád` s Eleonora got married on the 24th December 1877, she got an independent new chateau devided from Chlum.  Their property included the representation building, farm, a brickyard and lands. Then the mansion was mapped as Vidovice.  They had 7 children together: Alfred (*1854), Friedrich (1860), Adele (* 1863), Marie (*1865), Zdenka (*1870), Ema (*1871). In the year 1894 the farm and the chateau was sold to new owners, married couple Milnerovy, who reconstructed it in 1904. Therefore, from the year 1906 the mansion was called “A newly built Chateau with a park”. The most significant owners of the Chateau were Václav Stařimský, single nobleman from Libštejn, Jan josef Václav Radecký from Radeč, Doctor professor Blažek or a noble family of Berchtold.

From the 2nd part of the 20th century it was a seat of the Czechoslovak army – air defense of Prague. After the year 1990 the grounds with the Chateau were owned by the village and free years later were sold to a private company which made a lot of debts on the grounds.

The new age of the Chateau Kunice – Vidovice started on the 18th of April 2005, when it was gained by new owners, spouses Růžičkovi.  They arranged the whole reconstruction, enlargement to the park, building of the Sports Centre and opening of the whole grounds to the public. The grounds are determined mainly to companies, families, youth and sportsmen.

The family of JUDr. Václav Růžička is changing the grounds into a unique place for company events, sports, culture, fun, education, creating a relation to nature and people.

After years of hard work (since 2005) the present owner is contented to know that this place has become a place for meeting interesting people and pleased with the interest of children and sportsmen. Everyone who is interested in history and present time of the Chateau Berchtold can get more information in the book “Changes of the Chateau Berchtold” which will be published to the opening of the chateau on the 4.6.2011.

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