Museum and exhibitions of the Chateau

There are several exhibition halls at the Chateau. On the ground floor of the Chateau there is Museum of Kunice MUDr. František Oldřich. This museum is unique in several points. Its expositions are concentrated on the history of the village and its surroundings. We can find archaeology, ethnography, products of local artisans, guild sites, glass , collection of armours, hunting trophies, coins, paper banknotes etc.

There are several permanent and temporary exhibitions in the corridors and halls – history of cool weapons, historical photos of Kunice and surrounding villages, the best Czech stamps, wine etc. There are 5 permanent exhibitions in the Chateau park – in the Children` s Paradise.

The excursion of the Chateau is possible every day from 10 to 17. In groups of about 12 people with a guide. Bigger groups should be agreed.

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